Nýjasta innleggið í hinni ofurvinsælu Call of Duty seríu hefur verið sýnt og mun bera heitið Vanguard þetta árið. Við skoðum aðeins uppvakningahluta leiksins, Zombies.

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Straight to the Fun — A Brand-New Zombies Experience

By reentering the World War II setting, Zombies returns to its roots in the era where Call of Duty Zombies first got its start. In this new chapter, Treyarch Studios has utilized Sledgehammer Games‘ powerful Vanguard tech to immerse players in a brutal new environment that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike.

Get right to the action and step into a portal, transporting you via Dark Aether magic to the crux of the fight, whether that means battling the undead on the rain-spattered rooftops of the Hotel Royal or trudging through the swamps of fan-favourite Shi No Numa. Between objectives, explore the ever-expanding forward operating base in Stalingrad to access classic upgrades such as Perks, weapon upgrades, and the Pack-a-Punch. In Vanguard Zombies, it’s not long before you’re wading knee-deep in the undead.

“Der Anfang” introduces new upgrades to the Zombies experience as well, such as the powerful Altar of Covenants.

New Powers: The Altar of Covenants

Offer the new Sacrificial Heart loot item to the Altar of Covenants to choose from a variety of upgrades that randomize each time you return from an objective. As just a few examples, players can pick Ammo Gremlin to reload non-equipped weapons over time, Brain Rot to turn zombies into allies, or Unholy Ground to hold down chokepoints and objectives.

The randomization of these upgrades on offer adds a unique spin to every match. Paired with your other weapons and abilities, the Altar of Covenants can create unique gameplay builds never before experienced in Zombies.

Connected Across All Modes and Platforms

Cross-Play and Cross-Gen: Just as in Multiplayer, Zombies players can gather across platforms and generations so that you can team up with your best allies, no matter what platform they play on.
Unified Battle Pass and Player Progression: Advance through Vanguard’s Battle Pass system via unified progression between Multiplayer, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Zombies. Your player level is shared between the modes, too, so you’re always progressing in tandem for a fully unified experience.

Um söguna:

Developed by Treyarch, Vanguard’s Zombies mode ties into the Dark Aether storyline established in Black Ops Cold War. One year after suffering a decisive defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad, a Nazi officer named Oberführer Wolfram Von List finds a mysterious artifact that binds him to an entity called Kortifex, allowing him to summon an army of the undead. It’s up to you and as many as three other players to battle through the ruins of Stalingrad and stop him.

As you play through a match and complete objectives, you’ll find items called Sacrificial Hearts. You can offer these at an Altar of Covenants to access randomized upgrades that will tweak your playstyle. One of those upgrades will reload your weapons while they’re holstered, while another will allow you to turn zombies into temporary allies.

Any experience you earn while playing Zombies will count toward Vanguard’s Batte Pass, which also shares progression between multiplayer and Warzone. The mode will also support cross-platform play between different consoles.

Leikurinn kemur út þann 5. nóvember fyrir PlayStation 4 og PlayStation 5, XB1, XB Series X/S og PC.


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