Hello Games senda frá sér The Last Campfire

Höfundar No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, voru að senda frá sér áhugaverðan leik um söknuð, von og samkennd. Um er að ræða platform þrautaleik sem gagnrýnendur hafa lýst sem „a lovely, light hassle-free gameplay experience“.

Um söguna:

„In the Last Campfire, you play as Ember, Ember has lost their way and is lost in the world between worlds. Much like characters who hang around after death with unfinished business, they are stuck, hopeless and forlorn. During the course of the game, you rescue other Embers, lead them to the light of the campfire and revive hope in their dreary lost souls.

To rescue each Ember you are transported to a small one-off puzzle that must be completed using environmental objects, switches, levers and a special ability you pick up on the way.“

The Last Campfire kom út á PS4 þann 27. ágúst.


Umfjöllun PS Blog: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/26/navigate-the-puzzling-world-of-the-last-campfire-out-tomorrow-on-ps4

Umsögn PlayStation Universe: https://www.psu.com/reviews/the-last-campfire-ps4-review/


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