Oddworld er jafnvel enn furðulegri á PS5

Íbúar Oddworld hafa tilkynnt um nýjan leik sem gerist í furðuveröld þeirra, Soulstorm kemur út fyrir PlayStation 5 von bráðar.

Oddworld Inhabitants hafa gefið út nokkra leiki í seríunni, m.a. New ‘n’ Tasty á PS4. Sá leikur kom út árið 2015 en fyrirtækið hefur lofað því að næsta innlegg, Oddworld: Soulstorm verði enn klikkaðara á PlayStation 5. Hér er kynning fyrirtækisins:

„Revolutions can come for the most unlikely of places or people. Our hero Abe was born a slave to big business, but ignorant of his plight. Happy to be one of millions of cogs in a giant machine that will literally eat them up. He knew of no better life. All that changes when he overhears what RaptureFarms has in store for him and his fellow Mudokons.

Abe is not the typical hero you’d expect. He doesn’t carry weapons. His biceps are not bigger than his head. He is not trained in martial arts. He is an ordinary Mudokon armed with hope and heart and that might be just enough to make him the hero we need. In Soulstorm, he will face impossible odds against increasingly violent and manipulative powers trying to squash him and the uprising before it can start.

The stakes are higher, the threat is greater, and the obstacles are more devious.

Every step you take brings more danger. Every choice leads to more life and death decisions. Revolutions are unimaginably difficult. Farts and “come here” won’t cut it, not anymore. That is why we have introduced crafting and a Scavenger’s Economy to Soulstorm. Abe must be more resourceful now, taking part in a scavenger’s economy and crafting his own set of tools from the consumer products pushed on him and his compatriots by the runaway corporatist interests that exploit every aspect of this world.

Abe must loot, pickpocket, and search through lockers, even going off the critical path to find tools and items that can be used to create supplies and weapons you and your followers might need as you continue Abe’s evolution from slave to revolutionary leader.“

Svo mörg voru þau orð. Því miður höfum við enn ekki hugmynd um hvenær leikurinn kemur út.


Oddworld Inhabitants: http://www.oddworld.com


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