Hrollvekjan Song of Horror kemur á PlayStation 4

Song of Horror, sem hefur notið töluverðra vinsælda á Steam, er væntanlegur fyrir PS4 í næsta mánuði. Um er að ræða survival-horror leik sem upprunalega kom út í 5 köflum, en í PlayStation útgáfunni er um heildstæðan leik að ræða. Útgáfan kemur á passlegum tíma fyrir hrekkjavöku, svo þú hefur einhvern hrylling að upplifa á þessum skelfilegu tímamótum.

Nánar um leikinn:

„Song of Horror is the tale of the famed but now elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher—a man who, along with his entire family, has gone missing without rhyme or reason. The third chapter is inspired by famed survival-horror game Obscure, and once again tasks players with taking on an enemy that uses advanced AI to react to every player’s move, better known as The Presence“.

Key Features

  • Investigate a paranormal mystery wrapped up in a story of psychological horror.
  • Tangle with The Presence, an otherworldly entity with its own adaptive A.I. that reacts to your actions and decisions to deliver an unscripted, unpredictable slice of horror.
  • Choose between a group of unique characters, each one bringing their own point of view to play with a different relationship with both the story and other characters.
  • When characters die, they die for good, but the horror continues…
  • …with the investigation picked up by a new character, tackling the story from a unique perspective, but one affected by their predecessor’s actions.
  • Explore haunted, sinister locations to gather clues to piece together the mystery behind the missing Sebastian P. Husher.

Song of Horror kemur út fyrir PlayStation 4 þann 29. október.


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