Ubisoft sendir frá sér Hyper Scape, framtíðar battle royale

Eftir mikla velgengni F2P (free-to-play) leikja eins og Fortnite, Apex Legends og Warzone hefur Ubisoft sent frá sér framtíðar battle royale skotleikinn Hyper Scape. Leikurinn gerist árið 2054 hvar aðal dægradvöl fólks er keppni í battle royal sýndarveruleika, Crown Rush. Gerist leikurinn í ímynduðu borginni Neo Arcadia hvar keppendur reyna að útrýma hver öðrum ellegar finna og halda hlut (kórónu) í 45 sekúndur.

Nánar um leikinn:

In Hyper Scape, 99 players – either solo or in teams of three – compete in Crown Rush and drop into the completely urban map of Neo Arcadia to see who can secure victory. Matches are won by either being the last squad standing, or by securing and holding onto the crown for 45 seconds, ensuring that Hyper Scape matches end with just as much action and energy as they start with.

Building your loadouts and looting the battlefield works a bit differently in Hyper Scape. You’ll drop into the map with nothing but a melee weapon, and will scramble to loot two weapons and two hacks to fill out your loadout. Hacks are game-changing abilities that can dramatically affect the way you play by letting you do things like teleport, leap into the air and slam down, drop a homing mine, put up a towering wall, and much more. Hacks can be swapped out with others that you find at any time to suit your needs and adapt your play style on the fly. Any time you pick up a duplicate hack or weapon, you’ll fuse those items and make them even stronger. Fuse something four times, and you’ll unlock the most powerful version of it, which boasts an extra buff to help give you an edge in combat.

Leikurinn kom út þann 11. ágúst fyrir PS4, XB1 og PC tölvur.


Stikla: https://youtu.be/Q5dLhJs6ibI

Ubisoft: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/hyper-scape

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