Mortal Blitz var einn af vinsælustu PSVR leikjum ársins 2017. Höfundar hans, Skonec Entertainment, hafa nú endurunnið apparatið sem free-to-play PvP græju og endurútgefa undir nafninu Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena.

Nánar um leikinn:

Free to play PVP
Experience various weapons and fast, dynamic battles for free. You can experience these real time battles in Quick match mode (PvP) with up to four players, or hop into Mission Mode (PvE) for some single-player action. PlayStation Plus users will get access to special Arena packs, which include costumes and items.

PVP, PVE Battle: Strategic Map
Whether playing in Quick Match (PvP) or Mission (a PvE story mode playable after purchase of the Standard Edition), players will employ different strategies and tactics to overcome tense battles across different maps. Use height and surrounding terrain to your advantage, avoid enemies’ fire and attack from behind when possible.

Unique weapons
In Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena, you’ll employ weapons like miniguns with a fast fire rate, shotguns that excel in short-range encounters, rocket launchers that deal extensive damage, and rail guns with a narrow spread but huge damage potential. In particular, Rampage, which can blow up a barrier and an enemy with a single bullet, is the most powerful weapon in the Combat Arena. Seek to acquire this weapon early on and you can control the battlefield with terrifying power! But don’t forget: if you’re too strong, you’ll become prey for all.

Customized items
You can obtain a variety of custom items by opening Arena Packs, which can be obtained through a battle pass or store purchases. Try wearing costumes, boosters, and weapons in the customize menu. The higher the rating, the more splendid the appearance.

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena kemur út 8. október fyrir PSVR.


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