Hellpoint kemur í lok mánaðar

Action RPG leikurinn Hellpoint frá Cradle Games er kominn með útgáfudag. Leiknum, sem var frestað vegna veikinda margra, var gefinn nýr dagur en það er 30. júlí.

Um söguþráðinn:

„Hellpoint takes place in the far future where the Irid Novo space station has been taken over by inter-dimensional horrors. An incident called “The Merge” has happened and it’s up to you to find out what that means. Combat is very Souls-like with Stamina Points and the ability to dodge away from attacks.

The game’s main calling card are the dynamic events that can happen due to the black hole that Irid Novo orbits. This can result in enemy positions and stats changing, bosses appearing and much more. Co-op is useful in this sense and you can either play with someone online or via local play.“


Grein Gamingbolt: https://gamingbolt.com/hellpoint-releases-on-july-30th-for-all-platforms

Stikla: https://youtu.be/B21L4jBysCA

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