Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition kynntur fyrir PS5

Capcom hafa tilkynnt að von sé á endurbættri útgáfu af Devil May Cry 5 fyrir PlayStation 5. Endurgerðin, sem þeir kalla Special Edition, kemur út um leið og PS5 leikjavélin sjálf, eða 19. nóvember í Evrópu.

Endurgerðin af DMC5 mun innihalda alls kyns next-gen góðgæti eins og ray tracing og 3D hljóð. Tveir nýir spilunarmöguleikar verða einnig í boði á nýju vélinni, Turbo Mode og Legendary Dark Knight Mode. Auk þess bætist persónan Vergil við sem spilanlegur karakter og bætist í hópinn með Dante og Nero.

Einn af hönnuðum leiksins hjá Capcom, Matt Walker, hafði þetta um nýjungarnar í leiknum að segja:

„Firstly, we added Turbo Mode – the ability to crank up DMC5SE’s gameplay to play at 1.2x the normal speed. This mode has been a fan favorite addition to DMC ever since DMC3SE – it takes DMC’s already fast paced, stylish action and kicks it up a notch. Fun fact – although partly inspired by Street Fighter 2 Turbo – Itsuno-san and his dev team first got the idea to implement Turbo Mode when they programmed DMC3 to play at the same speed on lower refresh rated PAL tvs (which update at 50hz) compared to their NTSC cousins (which update at 60hz). In development, we’ve actually tried to kick it up to 1.3x speed before as well! But we found that 1.2x provided a perfect sweet spot of speed vs. controllability.

Secondly – Legendary Dark Knight difficulty. This is a difficulty where each encounter provides multiple times the enemies compared to the other difficulties, which makes for all kinds of chaos on screen, and goes perfectly with all of the stylish, big moves that Nero, Dante and V perform as they’re obliterating demons. This can only be done at this graphical quality, thanks to the upgrades in horsepower and memory that PS5 features.

And last, but certainly not least – Vergil. As soon as DMC5 was announced back in 2018, the most consistent request that we got from players was for playable Vergil. When my boss, Jun Takeuchi, came to me late last year and said “let’s do this,” I knew that the first thing we would have to do is make sure that we make Vergil playable. In DMC4, Vergil got an upgrade with the Concentration Gauge, which reflected his calm and deadly nature. For DMC5SE, we’ve added even more interesting twists to his gameplay in addition to the return of said Concentration Gauge. And if you own DMC5 on PS4 stay tuned, the Playable Character: Vergil Paid DLC will be available at a later date.“

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition kemur út fyrir PS5 þann 19. nóvember. Leikurinn verður einnig gefinn út fyrir XBX.





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