Stjórnaðu her uppvakninga í Ray’s the Dead

Barist í Borginni.

Leikurinn er ólíkur öllum öðrum: stjórnaðu zombie hernum til að leysa gátuna: hvernig lést þú lífið?


Um leikinn:

„Ray’s the Dead will take you on a quest unlike any you’ve seen before! Command a zombie army across a hand-crafted, narrative-driven 1980s adventure as you attempt to solve the ultimate mystery: how did you die?

The long-awaited zombie raising, narrative-driven, puzzle-solving, action-packed, stealth-sneaking, 1980s-inspired, multiple timeline-having, meticulously illustrated, surprisingly-touching, dark comedy adventure has finally been unearthed!

Hrekkjavöku dramað.


  • From key team members behind the cult hit Stubbs the Zombie, experience both the life and afterlife of Ray LaMorte as you solve the mystery of his death, the only way he knows how: by raising an army of the undead!
  • Command a zombie army in both combat and puzzle-solving (in ever-changing gameplay scenarios), making strategic use of a variety of zombie types each with unique powers
  • Battle your way through a 8-10 hour story campaign across 40 hand-crafted levels, lovingly draped in 1980s Americana and dense with pop culture cameos
  • Feast (your eyes) upon 3,000+ hand-drawn sprites in a playful 2D/3D mashup art style, and indulge (your ears) with a groovy pop / retro / synthwave soundtrack
  • Survive a funny-yet-touching story of redemption as you discover what life decisions led to Ray’s death, complete with hard choices of your own to make that influence the ending.“
Barist í Borginni part II.
Stjórnlausir umhverfissóðar.

Ray’s the Dead kemur út fyrir PlayStation 4 þann 22. október.

Uppvakningar. Hrekkjavaka. Döööh :p



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