Safnkvikindaleikurinn TemTem væntanlegur á næsta ári fyrir PS5

Meðal leikja sem sýndir voru í State of Play kynningu Sony á dögunum var safn-kvikindaleikurinn TemTem, en sá er væntanlegur fyrir PS5 á næsta ári.

Samkvæmt útgefandanum, Crema, er í stuttu máli um þetta að ræða:

„Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection journey where you seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Players can catch every Temtem, challenge other tamers, customize their house, or join a friend’s adventure in a fully co-op experience.

Temtem was built with the competitive scene in mind. In Temtem, there’s no place for luck, so player skill is the defining factor of top players.

Battles are focused on 2v2 combat with few random elements in each attack, meaning less guesswork and more strategic thinking is needed through each encounter. Instead of a classic point system for moves we use stamina. Each move requires a different amount of stamina based on its power. If you overuse your Temtem’s stamina they will take damage for overexertion. This allows for “all-out” attack moments if you see an opportunity to finish off your opponent.“

TemTem kemur út á PlayStation 5 á árinu 2021.



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