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Við höfum ákveðið að setja í gang leik fyrir lesendur okkar. Skráðu þig fyrir fréttapósti PS Frétta og þú gætir unnið eintak af PS4 leiknum Shining Resonance: Refrain sem kom út á vegum SEGA árið 2018. Þetta er Draconic Launch Edition svo leikurinn kemur í stálboxi með skreytingum af karakterunum Excella, Sonia og Kirika.

Nánar um leikinn:

„Liberate the soul of the dragon that resides in you in Shining Resonance Refrain! Shining Resonance Refrain tells the tale of sword-wielding Yuma and his friends as they fight the Empire.

Shining Resonance Refrain remasters the original Shining Resonance, previously released on PlayStation 3 only in Japan, and features dual audio with English and Japanese voices. In addition to all of the original’s DLC, now included as part of the base “Original Mode,” Shining Resonance Refrain packs a new “Refrain Mode,” unlocking the Imperial Princess Excella and Dragonslayer Jinas as party members for a new experience – just be sure to save this for your second playthrough to avoid any spoilers.

With real-time action combat, it will be important to utilize each party member’s unique abilities and strengths while deepening relationships with each character. Through events and dates, get to know your party members to unlock their full potential on the battlefield! Depending on the bonds of the characters, “Resonance” may occur between them, providing a new level of support, leading to victory.

Yuma has the soul of the Shining Dragon within him, transforming into the ancient beast by unleashing the power conducted through his sword. Dragons, long thought to be extinct, make Yuma a target for the Empire. To use him against the kingdom of Astoria, The Empire captures Yuma.Sonia, princess of Astoria, launches a rescue mission with the help of the Dragoneers. Hearing about the plight of Astoria and their fight to save their land, Yuma decides to aid them. Typically timid, will he find the courage to realize the strength he has within him?“

Dregið verður úr netföngum þeirra sem skrá sig þann 31. desember 2020. Hver veit nema þín bíði ævintýralegur glaðningur á nýju ári.

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